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    Let us show you around! 

    To book a tour, you can:

    1. create a profile and choose your date on Connect2Concordia
    2. call us at 514-848-2424, ext. 4779, or
    3. email us at


    shuttle bus links our two campuses, which are approximately 6.5 kilometres (or 4 miles) apart. All tours start and end at the Welcome Centre.

    Since most programs are based at our Sir George Williams Campus downtown, tours don't always include the Loyola Campus. To make sure you see Loyola, or to see Loyola only, get in touch!

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    • the humanities and social sciences
    • fine arts
    • engineering and computer science
    • business


    • applied human sciences
    • natural sciences
    • psychology
    • communication studies and journalism 


    • School counsellors: We can prepare a customized tour for your students.
    • For group tours (10 or more people), please call or email us


    "When first I visited campus, I felt the students showed exactly what Concordia offers, which is a very diverse, open-minded and open-hearted space."


    Arielle George, pursuing a B.A. in English Literature


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    Meet one-on-one with an admissions information officer to gain:

    • an overview of our undergraduate programs
    • a sense of whether your academic background fits with our admissions requirements
    • an understanding of the admissions process
    • information on preparing to apply


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